I've been tutoring with CollegeTrack in SF for a few months now. Thought I'd keep a log of some memorable moments.

Me and K got all riled up about the Second Industrial Revolution. The wealth of Carnegie, the injustice of price-fixing trusts, the funny confusion over monopoly and polygamy, more mixups with labor unions and the unions-of-the-north.. She was really quick and curious, comparing Marxism and vertical integration. I was rapidly out of my depth but it was fun.

Worked with A on his geometry problems. He had really good recall for all of the unit circle coordinates, said he memorized it because he was tired of taking home his worksheet, haha.

I was asked to help with bio once -- specifically the Krebs Cycle. Krebs was one of those topics that I never really mastered in high school but we gave it a go and I think we made some good progress. What was so infuriating though was hearing that the teacher didn't make any sort of effort to teach Krebs in class. Students were given a worksheet and told to teach themselves in groups. There wasn't even a lecture or a chance to ask questions. I mean, it's the Krebs Cycle..not really self-explanatory stuff. Is this a case of a teacher not really knowing their material? Total speculation, but I'll bet that happens.

Got an appreciation for helping with kinematics, that was a good feeling. Kolena really cemented that stuff in..

I remember helping at the English table once on a language classification assignment. Well, I guess it was grammar. I can't quite remember but I think we were mapping direct and indirect objects, something along those lines. What I distinctly remember was my exasperation and my student's frustration at the assignment. The answers to the problems, knowing the classification of some noun, seemed pointless. Or at least, I had no idea how to connect it to writing. And getting there, doing the actual work of classification, was not built on any clear rules.